Friday, April 21, 2017

5 on Friday

As always, here are 5 special reasons I'm loving my boys this week:

1.  Nathan was getting over a cold and said "It's really not a good day for me, my pants are wet and I'm not feeling better.  People are not careful of their germs".  

2. Nate:  Good morning Mom and Dad (walks up to Carl and pats his head)
Carl:  Nate I'm not a dog.
Nate: I like patting your head like a dog.

3.  Nate:  Mom can you grab all my stuffed animals for my slumber party?
Me: walks in room carrying his animals
Nate:  thanks Mom, you were brave

4.  I was prepping Nate's nebulizer treatment and new mask and I said "good now I don't have to hold this for you".
Nate:  Mom will you still sit with me, I want you to sit with me cause you're sweet?

5.  Nate keeps talking about his next birthday and says "Her first name is Angelina and her last name is McDonald so I want to invite Angelina McDonald to my birthday party.
Me:  Why do you want to invite her?
Nate:  Because she's my best friend and I love her!

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